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Lots of Big Brother talk w last seasons long haired houseguest slash pizza boy McCrea!
Strategy. Slop. Entertainment. Security. Showmances. The live feeds. So fun. Life is a dream. BB bro, bb.


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Bobcat Goldthwait // The Super Serious Show

*Photo by Mandee Johnson


On a Monday night in 2009 I was standing in the the back office of UCB talking to Fernie and Susan when Robin Williams poked his head in and asked if he could sit in with one of the teams. Fernie and I both kinda looked at each other and then said, well you can sit in with us. 

I’ll always remember how on board he was for everything. Here was a guy who had been in a ton of movies, but had absolutely no ego about doing silly warm-ups with Sentimental Lady in the back hallway by a bunch of dumpsters (he quickly caught on to how to play thumper, and we still say his thumper before every show to this day). 

Before the show he chatted with us like he was any other comedian that was around the theater (I remember we talked a bunch about World War 1), then he came out and did a Harold with us and it was great. Pretty much every move the man made was hilarious and you could see this was a guy that just loved being on stage. It’s sad Robin Williams is gone but I’ll always remember how this man loved comedy and performing so much that for a few months he would regularly show up at UCB and do the Jam or sit in with teams.


A mentally ill man attempted suicide by shooting himself in the head, but his failure ironically cured his depression and he became a successful college student.



It is estimated that United States animal shelters euthanize about 2 to 3 million unwanted pets each year.


mjschryver asked: Hey there. Did you create the "You don't have to f**k people over to survive" image that you posted back on March 15th, 2012?? If not, do you know who did? Thanks, MJ

Definitely not me

#harmontown 8.10.14 with Belgian Baker fan Levi! #feralaudio

Dana Carvey Has Never Done Anything Wrong (feat. Tenacious D)

Episode 110

Mayor Harmon welcomes Dana Carvey to Harmontown who for some reason apologizes for Wayne’s World two and out of nowhere, Tenacious D of appear out of thin air! In D&D, someone dies.

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I Tape Comedies With Other Cool People This Tuesday!

Please come to this and laugh at jokes of mine you may have heard before. Much love. Matt

And now DANA CARVEY AT #harmontown YOU CAN’T FUCK WITH THIS SHOW (at NerdMelt)

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Dan Harmon, former Community showrunner, on embracing your laziness.

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