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a new EP by dustin martian is streaming now! support a struggling artist for just a $1.99 or grab a free download of strange depressing art rock. let this devastating music be what pushes you over the edge this holiday season!
a drunken gloomy ride through los angeles in a wooden spaceship.
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Download the song “Press & Play (L.A)” from my $1.99 artrock EP that drops tomorrow for free, here!

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Title: The Universal Tryst Artist: Dustin Martian 20 plays
Another new song by Dustin Martian - “The Universal Tryst”
scroll down for “Press and Play (L.A)
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Dustin Martian - Halfway There
Thanks to everyone for enjoying this song. I checked the numbers and didn’t realize anybody was listening. You can download all the demos up above for free.

Music Monday: Another Black Art Webcast by Dustin Martian

acoustic pentatonic electronica! For #MusicMonday, a twitter celebration of music, I did another live ‘Black Art’ webcast. The first song and the last song are most definitely going to be reworked into my live set. I felt with the last few minutes of this video I finally had a bit of music that I really want to pursue comited to tape.

It’s vulnerable jamming with myself online for all to see but very rewarding when things work and today they worked with the exception of terrible vocals. One 15 year old girl from New Jersey watched live but did not want to participate in lyrical content.

There is a donation button to your right! If you like the show and want to tip a dollar to a struggling artist you are an amazing person!