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This was a total highlight since I came to L.A: Tim Heidecker on Who Charted? EP 43 ›

This is hilarious.

Drew DiFonzo Marks is the former Artistic Director of UCB Los Angeles. He is a frequent performer and has writen and directed several shows at the theatre. He is a longtime teacher and also a member of the Touring Company.
He has been part of the UCB since 2003 and trained with Matt Besser, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh and many others. His face can be seen popping up on HBO, Comedy Central, SpikeTV, and a handful of dumb commercials. He recieved his BFA in Acting from Emerson College. He performs every Thursday night in with his team Last Day of School in ‘The Txt Msg Show’.
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My first night in my new empty apartment 6 weeks ago in Hollywood, before curling up on a pile of dirty clothes to sleep for the night; I stumbled to my first show at the UCB Theater. I was lucky enough the theater let me stand by the entry way and even let me in to this sold out mystery show. It was LAST DAY OF SCHOOL and CONVOY. Nothing short of brilliant improv comedy. I was blown away and refuse to miss a show my entire time in L.A. But for the last 6 weeks I got to see Drew Difonzo Marks absolutely destroy with some unbelievable improvisation.
This guy is insanely talented, funny and incredibly entertaining. He’s moving to Amsterdam and I just saw his last show with the group and even though it’s been 6 weeks I felt it. I also saw him pop on stage during their “improv jam” with a bunch of amateurs and anyone in the audience who wanted to participate. You can tell he loves what he does and is an artist in his prime, so Drew Difonzo Marks you will be missed!
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Kelsy Abbott is an incredibly original animator, writer and comedian and in the top tier of human beings. She has a long history with Channel 101 and creates the most eloquent hyper-intellectual immature art in the Milky Way.
She is my favorite person on twitter. RT @kelsyabbott what do you think a plasma tv tastes like? ecto cooler? I bet it tastes like ecto cooler
She will write soul shatteringly hilarious blogs like this on her tumblr:
On top of writing & producing absurdist short films like the one above she makes painfully hilarious animations online. Just visit her website:
She’s also been a friend via the web before I moved to L.A and it’s surreal I get to hang out with her sometimes now that I’m out here. I’ve been really into her art for a while, so to you Kelsy Abbott I say continue your womanhood & be merry.
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The Lavender Hour 50: Lou Barlow ›

Legendary Lou Barlow of Sebadoh, Folk Implosion and Dinosaur Jr. visits The Lavender Hour for a compelling and completely open interview I had the good fortune of recording.

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This will forever be the best photograph I have ever taken.

brand new episode of Liam Lynch’s podcast.
I needed this one today. The animation and comedy in ep 25 masterful and utterly brilliant. Enjoy and share!

Truly one of the funniest & most absurd works of art I have ever seen.


“Perfect” is a very silly thing i made with Brady Novak.  Eric Acosta and Demorge Brown were in it and were funny. I dontknow I likeit goodenough.

Featuring short works by:
Drew Hancock
Sevan Najarian
Mike Manasewitsch
Danny Jelinek
Jason Whetzell
Hosted by:
Sophie Kipner

features short works contributed by Kelsy Abbott, Gene Janey, Kate Freund, Danny Jelinek and Jason Whetzell.

Robyn Von Swank is a genius and Natasha is such a delight


Natasha Leggero by Robyn Von Swank. ›

If you haven’t, you all have to start listening to @theapplesisters on earwolf. Great comedy, great music

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Liam Lynch - Love Thy Artist

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