Black Art Season 1 Digital Box Set

BLACK ART is a live show where kinetic loop/nowave/triphop/dirge music is improvised and created live on the air; all the while the audience in the chat room creates the lyrics.

For a $10 paypal donation (the button is to the right of my blog), I will send your e-mail a .ZIP file containing 3 hours of music from Season 1 of the show!

“Always thrusting forward. In a reptilian motion towards artistic expression I have accidentally stumbled upon a new form of punk. The idea was simple; to engage in a more organic experience with electronic instruments rather than simple programing and phrase sampling which can often be rigid and suffocating. During the course of ten transmissions online in 2010, I have created a free form body of electronic/guitar music that could very well be the antidote to hippie jam bands and polished pro-tools hipster predictability.

When you put these flawed, long form pieces of music together cohesively as a bootlegged 3 hour box set, there are incredible highs that I can honestly say I have not encountered in my 25 years as a resident of your planet Earth. While stumbling upon melodies as they come and in a pressing motion towards a time frame of 1 hour, I utilize the limitations of a raw peaking microphone, drop C tuning and the Kaossilator Pro to what ultimately becomes a failure or a success that is seen before an audience online in real time. To have a live audience there to interact makes all the difference where the direction of the composition is heading.

There never was a point when I wanted to make the perfect song or have the studio veneer although I adore that type of music immensely. I approach electronic instruments the way Neil Young approaches electric guitar. I draw influence from Touch ‘N Go Record Alumni; Enon/Brainiac, Man…Or Astroman?, !!! (chk chk chk) as well as the Boredoms, Smashing Pumpkins, The Dust Brothers, Video Game OSTs, The American Analog Set etc, etc. Alternative Comedy is an obsession of mine but most importantly the art of George Petros keeps me hungry for life.

The process is nerve-wracking and I have huge bouts of anxiety on the air under the guise of confidence. To be this vulnerable and alien is ripe for victimization as it is praise, but so far complete strangers as young as 8 years old and from as far away as Germany have participated in an experiment that I consider true sonic alchemy. A new type of genre that utilizes and pays homage to the audience as much as it alienates it. We call it ‘Black Art.

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DJ set/Black Art Webcast

Spent way too much time online tonight. Had a lot of beautiful people watch my first DJ set! Mostly a duo of sisters from Washington named Taylor and Paige! Paige was only 8 years old and just the cutest freaking kid. They demanded two hours worth which inspired me to do another Black Art webcast which 8 year old Paige did the lyrics! Here is all of tonight’s music and the songs in which I played.
Hour 1 - Geekdom

1. The Rapture - Dumb Waiters 2. Sparklehorse - Cruel Sun 3. Six. By Seven - Fraggle Rock 4. Billy Corgan - The CameraEye 5. Man…Or Astroman? - Sferic Waves 6. The Horrors - Death At The Chapel 7. The Dirtbombs - Ever Lovin’ Man 8. The Dirtbombs - Indivsible 9. The Dirtbombs - Wreck My Flow 10. The Smashing Pumpkins - Set The Ray To Jerry 11. The 1-4-5’s - The 1-4-5’s Crash Theme 12. The 1-4-5’s - We’re The 1-4-5’s! 13. Spoon - The Beast And Dragon Adored 14. Thee Michelle Gun Elephant - Brian Down 15. Miles Kurosky - Dog In The Burning Building 16. Enon - Nightmare Of Atomic Men 17.Six. By Seven - Nowhere To Go But Home 18. Enon - Marbles Explode

HOUR 2 - The Drunken Geek Dance

1. Brian Jonestown Massacre - Dekta! Dekta! Dekta! 2. Enon - Suz EQ 3. The Smashing Pumpkins - Ava Adore 4. Acetone - Vibrato 5. Smashing Pumpkins - Mayonaise 6. Turbonegro - Don’t Say Mother Fucker, Mother Fucker 7. Sparklehorse - Happy Place 8. Sleeper Lake - Black As Smoke 9. Six. By Seven - Stara Paris Rescued Me 10. The Rapture - Love Is All (45 Version) 11. Miles Kurosky - Pink Lips, Black Lungs 12. The Fancy - Oh, Willa!

Hour 3 - The Black Art Webcast With 8 Year Old Paige From Washington!

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Music Monday: Another Black Art Webcast by Dustin Martian

acoustic pentatonic electronica! For #MusicMonday, a twitter celebration of music, I did another live ‘Black Art’ webcast. The first song and the last song are most definitely going to be reworked into my live set. I felt with the last few minutes of this video I finally had a bit of music that I really want to pursue comited to tape.

It’s vulnerable jamming with myself online for all to see but very rewarding when things work and today they worked with the exception of terrible vocals. One 15 year old girl from New Jersey watched live but did not want to participate in lyrical content.

There is a donation button to your right! If you like the show and want to tip a dollar to a struggling artist you are an amazing person!

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Monday’s BLACK ART Webcast+Donations

Monday afternoon I did another BLACK ART webcast of live improv music with people from all over the world! It was fun; performing, creating and experimenting while the viewers write the lyrics.

I have also added a “tip” or donate button to my tumblr for anyone who would like to help support this project. But I am not expecting anything but your viewership! Here it is: Lots of Krautrock going off.

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My ‘Black Art’ Webcast: Live, Improvised Music

I have had to take time off from blogging but here is an update.

This weekend I launched an online webcast of live, improvised music. From playing around with my new toy the Kaossilator Pro I have been recently trying to re-invent my sound from my previous work as lord daughter and thought why not let people not only watch but participate. It was a great way to express myself, commit art to tape and start a social experiment.

It was very vulnerable to do unprepared electronic and guitar driven music on the spot. Most of the time an artist only puts out his “best product,” (most of the time); this time I said to hell with it and whatever happens, happens. Like real live television. I had some really great people watch and paid me compliments which really validated it for me! Thank you to Laurie Anne from Houston, Kyle Moen from Stoughton, and Ollie Morr from the UK.

You can see and hear me make flaws and sound awful or watch me succeed. All the while people in the chat room would write the lyrics for me to say! It was really fun and strange so here are the 3 products of the ‘Black Art’ webcast; An alchemist approach to creating No-Wave Trip-Hop bratty electronic rock music. Appearing after midnight at random…

And follow my twitter/facebook/myspace for when these are going to be going on live

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COMEDY DEATH RAY RADIO: The Definitive Podcast And Review

Scott Aukerman (Mr. Show) created the most cutting edge and brilliant live comedy show in America, COMEDY DEATH RAY. In 2009, Scott created the world’s definitive podcast; COMEDY DEATH RAY RADIO. Our host Scott Aukerman, is an avid pop-culture satirist with wicked observations; a relentless off-the-cuff comedic talent with a sophisticated aesthetic in both music and comedic art. His jaded and impromptu interview style is the perfect component to the large array of well-respected and upcoming alternative comedic talent featured on CDR Radio.

Scott has an aesthetic that can’t be beat. It is the most consistent podcast online; showcasing respected artists and breaking up-and-coming talent to an international audience. The show is interlaced with interviews, characters, improv comedy and hilarious music. Scott’s taste in comedic MUSIC is PHENOMENAL.The show is UNCENSORED and weekly, so it maintains the immediacy of a Howard Stern, Carolla, South Park, etc etc… you name it. When Scott’s out of town, his friends fill his seat or he does shows on the road, never missing a Friday. The show is hosted by L.A’s INDIE 103.1 so the SOUND QUALITY IS TOP OF THE LINE and this show is FREE! What are you waiting for? This is the future of entertainment. Jump in now or download episodes from the beginning. It’s free, subversive, intellectual, stupid and beautiful.

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