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ONE OF MY ALL TIME FAVORITE BANDS, SIX. BY SEVEN, ARE BACK TOGETHER!! Easily the band I’ve listened to the most. there is no reason their new song should be THIS GOOD. 2013 RULES.

3 new Dustin Martian songs for $1: Flowers/Call To Camera/Funeral Dirge (free download).

For this first time in 3 years and for $1: here is a re-release of my 2008 DIY album “LOST FLASHDRIVE COLLECTOR.” It is super nasty, heavy & is streaming NOW.
There are two free downloads and you can listen to the whole thang.

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The Hot Rats - I Can’t Stand It
I’m tired of living all alone.
No one calls me on the phone.
When things start getting bad.
I just play my music loud.
I can’t stand it any more more

Sparklehorse - Pig. We miss you Mark
i wanna be a stupid and shallow motherfucker now.
i wanna be a tough skinned bitch but i don’t know how.

Title: Inner Turmoil With The Lord Artist: dustin martian 9 plays

dustin martian - inner turmoil with the lord (2008 8 track demo)
freak out & get it all into the open
push out & feel the middle of the ocean
when in doubt you get a little inch of hope than
you don’t, you get your middle finger broken.
and how, we’re on this big world spinnin’ round.
right now, I’ll be the good guy you drag around.

the dustin martian.drunk matter EP.
a drunken gloomy ride through los angeles in a wooden spaceship.
this is kelsy abbott’s cover & review of the album
stream entire album or purchase for $1.99

Dustin Martian's Spotify Playlist #3: My Life Is An Accident ›

Six. By Seven - My Life Is An Accident
Nine Inch Nails - The Big Come Down
Autolux - Highchair
Enon - Diamond Raft
Smashing Pumpkins - Crying Tree Of Mercury

frank black - headache
This wrinkle in time can’t give it no credit.
I thought about my space
and I really got me down
I got me so down
I got me a headache
My heart is crammed in my cranium and it still knows how to pound

Title: Two Cardigans Wrapped Around Four Twenty-Two Yr Old Breasts Artist: lord daughter 10 plays

Dustin Martian - Two Cardigans Wrapped Around Four Twenty-Two Year Old Breasts, 2008
From 2008’s Lost Flashdrive Collector

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